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Week 15 Fitness Training Program

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Building on the stamina the we have now is the key.  We will progessively add minutes to each workout to keep improving our cardio.  Consistancy is very important to continue the program without injury and to reach your goal of being fit.  The progressive workouts make it easy to become a jogger burning calories for 120 minutes a week, when we reach our final goal. 

Workout for week 15:

Warm up and cool down each workout:  walk for 2 minutes to loosen up, then stretch.  Do your jog workout, walk for 2 minutes to cool down,  do 30 bicycle crunches, and final stretch.

Sunday:  Jog for 15 minutes

Tuesday:  Jog for 17 minutes

Friday:  Jog for 15 minutes

Keep it up!  If you’re consistantly hitting these workouts 3 times a week, you’ll be fit before you know it.  You should start to see the weight loss results soon if you’re not already.  Make sure to control the amount of food you eat.  Eat smaller portions, more meals if needed.  The more you workout, it seems like your appetite gets smaller at each sitting.  Don’t stuff yourself, just eat until you’re comfortable to keep a slim stomach.  Good luck and see you soon!


Week 14 Fitness Training Program

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After a “rest” week, we are ready to move to the next plateau.  Your legs should be feeling fresh and ready to go.  This week we will do 3 x 15 minutes run.  We will really start burning some calories and impoving your cardio at a substantial rate now.  The previous weeks were baby steps to get us to the point where we can really start getting some results.  The previous weeks were to get you off the couch and into some activity.  Your muscles are stronger now, as well as your stamina.  We have built a small base to get going without  getting injured or burned out from too much too fast.  You gotta get excited because you are getting in shape!

Week 14:  Each workout begins with a 2 minute warm-up walk and light stretching.  Each workout ends with a 2 minute cool-down walk and light stretching and 25 bicycle crunches.

Sunday:  15 minute jog

Wednesday:  15 minute jog

Friday:  15 minute jog

Our 3rd short term goal will be a 20 minute jog that will be completed on week 18.  Our long term goal is 30 minute jog, 4 x week, 50 bicycle crunches each workout.  Stay focused and look forward to getting outdoors soon with spring on the way.  Nothing like breathing in the fresh, cool spring air while working out!  Let me know how you’re doing …..