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Week 13 Fitness Training Program

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Great job last week on the 15 minute jog, major milestone on our way to being simply fit!   This week will be a “rest” week.  We have increased our stamina the last 3 months and rest and recovery play an important role in our progress. 

3 workout sessions this week.  Do the normal pre-workout routine:  Short warm up walk and light stretching, and the postwork out cooldown walk and light stretching when you’re done.

Workout 1 (Tuesday):  5 minute jog, 20 crunches

Workout 2 (Thursday):  5-10 push-ups, 20 crunches

Workout 3 (Saturday):  5 minute jog, 20 crunches

Easy enough?  This will give your muscles time to rest so you can continue on fresh legs.  Next week we will continue our journey to a 20 minute jog, which is our next short term goal.  Long term goal is to be fit.  Fit will be as follows:

 30 minute jog, 4 days per week – bicycle crunches each workout – add core callestinics later.

Not bad for the average Joe or Jane, huh?  Guess we might also need a good nutritional plan.  I will work on that too.  Good luck this week, tell me what you think, see you soon!