Running for Fitness

Note:  Follow this program starting with Week 1 at the bottom of the page and begin your journey there.  Continue week by week moving through Week 15 of the best Fitness Training Program to get you off the couch and in good cardio shape.

At this point you should be following the  program and jogging 3 times per week.  You should have increased your running time by two minutes per week until you reach 30 min, 3 times per week.  Below is the plan for the week we reach 30 minutes:

Workout agenda – 5 minute walk to warm up.  Light stretching, jogging workout, cool down walk, light stretching, plenty of fluids.

Monday – Jog for 30 minutes

Wednesday – Jog for 32 minutes.

Saturday – Jog for 30 minutes.

Do this for two weeks in a row and then we will add another day to our workout week.  On your “off” days start doing 20 push ups and core planks.  It’s important to keep good muscle balance to avoid injury.  Good running and see you soon!

This has got to be the easiest way to get off the couch and get in shape.  Baby steps to avoid burnout and injury.  Before you know it, we will be running 120 minutes a week and in outstanding cardio condition.  Stay consistant, keep a log or journal of your workouts, and keep achieving fitness goals.  My personal favorite fitness log/journal is  Feel free to browse my personal log if you want.

For all your muscle pain relief needs, go to  This stuff is amazing and has kept me going through aches and pains many times.

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