Week 12 Fitness Training Program

Short term goal #2 will be achieved on Saturday!  On that day you will go for a 15 minute jog.  Once you achieve that goal, you just build on your base and your fitness level will really take off from here.  I will continue to lead you through a program that will have you jogging for 30 minutes a day, four days a week.  That’s 120 minutes of cardio excercise, burning hundreds of calories each workout.  There is NO WAY you can’t get fit.  All you have to do is be consistant, focused on achieving your goals, and jog a little more next week than you did this week.  I will give you a schedule to be consistant.  I will keep you focused on achieving your goals.  I will tell you how much to jog each week.  Follow this blog and simply become fit.

Week 12:   Before each session, follow the usual routine of light stretching, warmup walk, main workout, cooldown walk, light stretching, fluids.  This helps prevent injury.  Jog at a slow steady pace, don’t try to do too much, just get in shape first.  Make sure you ad the bicycle crunches to your workout at this point to strengthen abs and help your posture.

Tuesday .. 12 min jogging / 2 min brisk walk / 3 min jogging.  20 crunches

Thursday .. 12 min jog.  20 crunches

Saturday .. 15 min jog !!  Do 20 crunches !   Short term goal #2 achieved.  Next goal is 20 minute jog.

Want to learn more about fitness goal setting and the mindset needed to achieve goals?

Don’t forget our strategic formula for getting fit which is slow, consistant progress.  Stretching before and after workouts, warm up and cooldown walks, stick to your workout plan and don’t over do it, and schedule rest into your program.  Good luck and I look forward to more!



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