Week 10 Total fitness training

7 minutes on, 1 minute off, 5 minutes on.  This is the recipe for our weekly agenda of working out three times every week and building our fitness level.  Slowly and consistantly to avoid injury and burnout.  This has got to be the easiest, softest way to get started jogging.  Spoon fed excersice program to suit a mass audience of people who need to get heathly and excecise.  What’s it take … an hour out of your day?  By the time you dress, get to your workout destination, workout for 30 minutes, back home and shower it takes about an hour.  Recently I have been experimenting with the benefits of sauna, therefore I take an extra 20 minutes for that.  Seems to help my breathing and good for detoxing the body I read.  Let me know about your sauna experiences and benefits you have learned, would love to hear from you.

Below is my workout schedule for Week 10:

Mon 6pm Walk 2 laps briskly at local fitness club.  Stretch lightly.  Jog for 7 minutes on treadmill, walk for 1 minutes for rest, then jog for 5 minutes, walk for 2. 20 crunches.  Light stretching and walk 2 laps to cooldown.  Shower, sauna for 10 minutes, shower.

Thur  6pm  Same routine, however midweek I increase my speed every 2 minutes.  This treadmill is great for dictating pace, and your legs seem to “remember” pace pretty well.  I plan on running road races again in the near future, so this starts to work on my leg turnover in preparation for faster running in the future.  First and foremost, I will listen to my body and monitor my SI joint while running.  I always adjust speed and form according to how my body feels.

Sat 10 am  Same as Monday

Good luck  and see you next time!


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